Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday sales and coupon codes

For those of you looking for some good Cyber Monday sales, here are a few that I know of.  The first is my own, 20% off everything in my Etsy shop, and an extra 7 % for anyone who follows my blog and writes a comment telling me how to contact them with a code.

Next, for all of you vintage lovers, is having a great sale with 25% off of all merchandise at checkout using code CyberM.  Crazy Hot Clothes isn't just any old vintage, it's carefully selected quality clothes at great prices.

The third is KIST Boutique, a Facebook site that is offering free shipping for everything on their site.  Look them up on Facebook.

If I find other good fashion sales I'll post again.  I don't want to cram too many into 1 post.  Happy shopping!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Extra sales discounts for Blog followers!

Click the word "Follow" on this blog or my beadingcat blog and receive a coupon code for an extra 7% off of anything in my Etsy shop.  That makes your total discount 27%.  These offers are for today, 11/26/10 and Monday 11/29/10.  Both days the sales start at 4 am Pacific Time and end at 12 am Pacific Time (that converts to7 am ET and 3 am ET). 
Also, blog followers that use these codes can get 7% off  the regular prices Saturday and Sunday as well.  After you click to Follow, please write a comment to this post giving me a way to contact you so that I'm notified and I can send you the coupon code.
**Please note, following my blog doesn't mean you're going to get emails every time I write a post (unless you want to, in which case you can subscribe to my posts).  Following simply means that when you go to your blog or your iGoogle page, you'll see the name of my blog on the list of blogs you follow.  If anyone would like more info about how that works, put that in your comment as well.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Use the right jewelry to match your outfit

I usually pick jewelry that matches my outfit's color.  Lately, though, I've been noticing what a big difference it makes when I take a little extra time to be sure the outfit and the jewelry play well, especially if I'm wearing a jacket.  Some of the little things I've discovered are listed below.

1.  If I'm wearing a long necklace, I usually don't want to wear it with a shirt that has a plunging neckline.  It's like having an arrow pointing right to my cleavage.  (of course, sometimes that IS what I want, but usually not.  See picture C below)  I find long necklaces look best with a shirt that's neckline is close to my collarbone and turtlenecks. 

2.  Short necklaces don't look very good over a turtleneck (see picture D. below), and they can be tricky with higher necklines because they sometimes disappear under your shirt.

3.  Even the color of your shirt and/or jacket matters when it comes to necklaces.  See the pictures of the gold necklace with the purple jacket (A) vs. the light green jacket (B).  The light green one shows off the necklace more.

A.  Nice look

B.  Better look

C.  Cleavage arrow!

D.  Necklace is too short to wear with a turtleneck

4. The most obvious tip is to have a shirt color that complements or contrasts with your jewelry.  If everything is the same color it will all blend together & no one will know you have that fabulous jewelry!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to buy jewelry for someone else

Jewelry is something almost every woman can always use more of.  I don't think I've EVER thought "I have too much jewelry".  However, I have gotten jewelry gifts that weren't my style that I never wore.  That's a little like not getting a gift at all.  With that in mind, I've thought of a few tips that I wish people who I know would read.

1.  Don't get jewelry that YOU like if you don't have the same taste as the person that you're buying for.  Do they wear the same clothes that you wear?  If not, they probably won't like the same jewelry.  So....

2.  Observe what they already have and wear.  Do they wear earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, or all of them?  I wear earrings, necklaces, rings and only occasionally bracelets.  I type on a computer almost all day, and I can't stand bracelets jangling against the keyboard.

3.  Once you see what they wear, take note of what style of jewelry they favor. 
a)  Do they wear simple, small chains with a small pendant?  If so, silver or gold?
b)  Do they wear gemstone or beaded jewelry?  If so, what colors do they seem to like? Any repetition as to what gems?  Pearls?  Turquoise?  If you're not sure what the beads/stones are, just note what colors.  Are they bright and sparkly?  Neutral colors?  Shiny or flat for a finish?

c)  Do they wear long, dangly, sparkly earrings or small studs? 

d) Trendy looking or classic?  Hint:  the trend now is several of the same thing - bangles and bracelets, or large chain necklaces. Classic is generally either silver or gold, and understated.

4.  Consider where you normally see the person.  If you always see them at work, you're seeing their business jewelry. If you only see them once or twice a month when you go clubbing, you're only seeing their evening jewelry.  If you know them well, then you can probably guess their style for any occasion.  If you don't, stick with the type of jewelry that you see them wearing.

5.  Make sure that they can return the jewelry if they don't like it.  You don't have to give them a receipt unless it's required by the seller, but at least make sure that they can see where you got their gift.

6.  Give jewelry that's personalized in some way.  A necklace or bracelet with space for/photos of their children, pets, etc. or a charm with hand stamping or engraving.  Even when the jewelry wasn't my style I've always cherished & kept jewelry with these kind of things on it.

I hope these tips help you to breathe a little easier when choosing gifts of jewelry.  You will probably pick something that they love, and even if not, they'll appreciate the thought and effort.  Showing people that we chose something with them in mind is one of the most cherished gifts we can give, in my opinion.

Friday, November 12, 2010

There are contests for us creative types

I haven't entered an art contest since high school, but I'm thinking of doing it again simply to make myself stretch my imagination.  So as I find contests I share them here.  For this post it's a contest sponsored by Fire Mountain, with a deadline of Jan. 10, 2011.  It's for items made with metal clay, metal beads, wirework, and chain.  The categories are 1. necklaces, 2. Bracelets, 3. Earrings, 4. Home Decor and Dolls, 5. Wedding and holiday and 6. Fashion accessories.  The "gold medal" winner gets a 1,000.00 Gift certificate for Fire Mountain.  There are 6 winners, with the last receiving a 50.00 gift certificate for Fire Mountain.  click the link for this post to read more details at Fire Mountain's web site.
If any of you read this and end up winning, please let me know.  I'd love to feature winner's work on here.
And if anyone wants to post a comment to share other contests, click the hyperlink that says 0 comments (or if I'm lucky, 1 comment).  That will take you to a box where you can write a comment.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tired of being frugal but still don't have much money?

Many of us cut back our spending in 2008 when the economy went down the drain.  A lot of us did it because we had to, not because we really wanted to.  It's been TWO YEARS.  Two years of not buying anything extra, two years of stretching our existing wardrobe, not going into clothing stores, reading articles trying to convince ourselves that not buying luxuries made life simpler and more enjoyable.  I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I'm SO tired of not buying things.  I want new clothes.  And unfortunately since I've gained a lot of weight this year, I even NEED new clothes.  But I can't afford them. 
Lucky for me, I can give myself jewelry.  I can afford to buy a few supplies and make myself necklaces that can make old clothes look fresh.  I draw attention to my collar bone, or to a pretty pendant in the middle of my chest (one place that has benefited from weight gain).  I can make a gorgeous pair of earrings and pull my hair back on the sides to show them off.  I'm betting that most of you can do the same.  It doesn't cost much, but it can make you feel almost brand new.