Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have a Novel Romance with MAC

This collection is available in stores now!  Here are a few quick photos of the things that I've gotten so far.  In lipsticks I bought Good Kisser, which is my favorite, Yield to Love, and Lingering Kiss.  Good Kisser and Lingering Kiss are matte finishes, and Yield to Love is a Cremesheen.  Unfortunately, Yield to Love was an online exclusive, so you'll only get it if MAC restocks their web sites.  In my opinion, Good Kisser is the one to get from this collection.  It's gorgeous!  There are also 2 that I didn't buy, Heart's Aflame, a beautiful red-brown (which I already have so many of, that's the only reason that I didn't buy it), and A Novel Romance, a bright pink.  There are also several other lip glosses.  I have so many lip glosses that I'm trying to limit myself to ones that are unique for me.  Reckless Desire fit that bill and I'm very happy with it.

From L to R, Good Kisser, Yield to Love, Lingering Kiss, and Reckless Desire lipgloss

From L to R, Good Kisser, Yield to Love, and Lingering Kiss

Yield to Love 
Lingering Kiss (no liner, just the lipstick)
In addition to the lippies, there are eye shadow quads that are quite beautiful.  If I could afford it I would have bought all of them.  This collection also ushers in a new product - the fluid line eye pencil.  They function like the technaKohl liners, but have the lasting finish of the fluid lines.  So far I've only tried Earthsign.  I LOVE that one! Its the perfect deep Espresso brown.  I can see myself picking up all of these eventually, because they're all beautiful.
There is also the return of the Electric Cool eye shadows, slightly creamy shadows that glide on and dry to a powder finish.  I had never tried these before, so I bought 3 of them:  Superwatt, which is taupe, Coil, a gorgeous copper, and Highly Charged, a purple blue.  So far I've only gotten to try Superwatt, but I love it.  Easy to swipe on your lid, build able, and a little sparkle but not too much.  I paired it with the Earthsign liner and it looked great.
I'll put up some pictures of the eye makeup in the next post.  So go get it, ladies, before things sell out!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lippie of the day - Plum Dandy

Many people only buy MAC's limited edition lipsticks, but I love lipsticks from their permanent collection just as much. Plum Dandy is a very pretty purple with bronze frost.  The photos below have 2 different types of lighting, the first is a warmer, incandescent light, and the 2nd is a cooler Ott Lite.  The color of lipsticks can vary quite a bit depending on the lighting you're in, especially in photos.  Also I don't wear lip liner or gloss in these photos so that you can see the color of the lipstick alone.  I probably should wear a primer since I'm officially over 50, but I haven't gotten used to the fact that I need it.  Getting older is not easy! My birthday was this past week and I really didn't enjoy it much this year.  Chronic pain in my back and leg is making life pretty tough right now, but I'm hoping the doctors can do something about it soon.  I'm not the kind of person who handles physical limitations very well.
I'm looking forward to getting a few pretty things from MAC's upcoming fall collection, A Novel Romance.  It comes out in stores August 24th.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yellow Box shoes

In the summer I love wearing flip flops, but basic ones are sometimes too casual.  In addition, most of them have a very thin sole, which isn't the best thing if you have back problems.  Last year I discovered Yellow Box shoes.  They have a hard foam sole that is usually an inch or more thick, and most have rhinestones, sequins, crystals, etc. glued to the straps.  For me they're a perfect combination of casual, comfy, and pretty.

Yellow Box shoes are sold at their website  ( and on