My web site and Etsy store

I've finally gotten a web site published, and a store on Etsy.  I'm selling various creative items - jewelry, photos, and eventually embellished clothing and mosaic tile objects. Doing all of this has kept me very busy, but I have made some time to do some social things in an attempt to meet some new people.  This never seems to go very well for me.  I'm not big on meeting strange people to begin with, and when I have to drive an hour to unfamiliar places it's even harder for me to do.  But since I haven't met many people since I moved to Pittsburgh (PA) I've made it a goal to do more this year.  So I force myself to go out, and when I get home I reward myself by creating things, which is like comfort food for me.
So check out my creations, and next post I'm going to (hopefully) amuse you with stories about my experiments in meeting people and making new friends.  :-)
Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour.  Ugh - I lose an hour of precious time and will be getting up even later every day!


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