Friday, June 27, 2014

MAC's Moody Blooms look

I got a few things from Moody Blooms today and wanted to do a quick post.  I got 2 fluidlines, Black Ivy and Copperthorn, the eye shadow Green Room, the lipstick Phosphorescent, and the blush Bred for Beauty.  A few initial thoughts:  Bred for Beauty is gorgeous, the texture and pigmentation is great.  I don't have pictures of it on me yet, the weather has been so hot and humid that I haven't been using much foundation.  My skin gets oily so quickly in this weather and has been breaking out horribly.  I don't want to post pictures of that!  Green Room and Black Ivy are also gorgeous, as I expected.  Copperthorn is not as easy to work with as a typical Fluidline due to it's chunky texture.  I found that if I press it on with the tip of a flat square brush it's much easier to work with than if I try dragging it with a brush.  When I used that method I did get some crumbling of pieces.  Phosphorescent didn't look exactly like I thought it would.  I had thought it would be a nice light coral after viewing it on Temptalia's and The Make Up and Beauty blog, but on me it looks more pink.  It's not a bad color, but I already have plenty of pink lippies.  Here are some quick pics of what I bought.

Bred for Beauty matte powder blush.  So incredibly gorgeous!

Black Ivy fluid line and Green Room shadow

Copperthorn fluidline

Phosphorescent Sheen Supreme lipstick
Green Room shadow on inner and outer corners, Black Ivy for liner

Phosphorescent in outdoor lighting

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Moody summer make-up

From top left (L-R) Artistic License, Lucky Green, and Moody Bloom
2nd row, L-R, Deep Fixation, Hidden Motive, Green Room

I haven't bought any make up since my one (gorgeous) purple lippie from MAC + Lorde.
I had to save money for other collections.  The first coming up is a Moody Blooms from MAC (of course), due in stores on the 26th of this month.  This collection was inspired by venomous and nocturnal plants.  There are single eye shadows in this one (see above), for the first time in a long time.  Most are Veluxe Pearl, and there are purples, blue, green, brown and pink-beige.

Next, the lip products:
L-R, Moody Bloom, Phosphorescent, Pheromonal, Quite the Thing, Lust Extract, and Venomous Violet 

The lipsticks are mostly variations of pink and purple hues, with one golden copper with tinges of plum.  All lipsticks are MAC's Sheen Supreme formula, a creamy texture with (surprise) a sheen to it.    There are also lip glosses to match (see below)  I have a few of these already, and they're unique in the way they're applied.  You twist up the body of the applicator until you see some of the colored gloss appear on/in the brush tip.  Be careful, once it starts coming out, stop twisting or you'll get a lot of gloss.  I really like these glosses.  Easy to apply and beautiful colors.

There are 3 gorgeous Fluidlines to line your beautiful eyes.  There is Black Ivy, a blackened green, Copperthorne, a beautiful sparkly copper, and Nightshade, a blackened purple.

Last there are 2 blushes:  Wordly Wealth is a beautiful shimmering gold, and Bred for Beauty is a very bright, matte pink.

This comes out in stores on the 26th (MAC free standing stores, Nordstrom, Macy's and probably Bloomingdales) of this month (June).
Check it out, maybe you'll be in the mood for some tropical colors to go with summer's heat and (in most places) humidity.  Or maybe you'll want to take it on your own tropical vacation!  (If so, I envy you!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer clothing trends

I'm not necessarily talking about what top designers had out on the runway.  I'm talking about what I'm seeing in the stores, online, and in magazines.  These are just my observations, mind you.  See if any of it piques your interest, looks good on you, reflects who you are. Then choose.

1. Texture/Embellishments.  Instead of just one type of fabric, with one texture, there is a lot of things being added on.  Lace is everywhere, whether it's strips of it sewn on a shirt, or an entire lace dress.  I love a "mixed media" item, with several different tactile fabrics and trims. It adds interest to a garment.

2. The Crop Top.  If you don't know about it yet, start looking around.  We've had long button down tops, and lots of hi-low tops.  This year the crop top is back.  I loved crop tops back in the 80's and 90's, because I had a tiny waist.  Now I'm not loving them.  But I'm not who they're being marketed to, so I'll just note the trend and shut up.

3. Maxi skirts and dresses, still.  I've read a lot about "the midi" being the new thing, but when I look around, the maxi is still what I'm seeing in stores, online, and on people.  This trend can stay forever as far as I'm concerned.  I love a casual maxi on hot summer days.  Add the next trend and it's even more interesting.

4. Sheer/Translucent/see-through fabric.  Its been around for a few seasons and it's still popular.  Long dresses with some sheer panels at the bottom show just a bit of leg.  Sheer tops with cute bras or camisoles underneath are cool but still covered up.  It all leaves just a little to the imagination.

5. Stripes.  They never go away.  This year the ombre trend combines with stripes to create some beautiful effects.

6.  90's styles. If you loved it the first time, celebrate, 'cause it's back.  The fall saw Combat boots EVERYWHERE.  The classic Doc Martens were joined by all variations of combat boots.  I'm guessing some trendy women will rock them in the summer, too.  Small floral prints on long dresses, flannel/plaid shirts.  You get the idea.

7. Cut outs.  Shirts and dresses with laser cut-out designs.  Super cute!  And cool in more ways than one.

8.  The back as focal point.  There are a lot of shirts with open backs or cut-outs in the back this summer.  I love, love, love this trend!  Get some lacy or strappy bras or camisoles and flaunt your sexy back.  This is especially wonderful for those of us in a certain stage of life where we get hot often and suddenly.  Thank God for lightweight tops, cut-outs and fabrics that breathe!  For you younger women, just enjoy having a sexy back and having a body that can control it's thermostat.  Your day will come, and it sucks.

9.  Low heels and flats.  Finally, we get some shoe options where we can look good AND be comfortable.  The Birkenstock is back, baby.  Some aren't made by Birkenstock, but they all look like the ones that are.  And Gladiators have went knee-high.  The Gladiator shoe has been on-trend for awhile now, but the ones that have straps all the way up your calf are out there now, and they're sexy as hell.  Wear them with denim shorts, dresses, skirts… I love this trend, too.

I'm sure there are other trends that I'm missing, but these are the major ones I've noticed.  Which are your favorites?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pure Heroine

I love purple lipstick, and I will buy almost any purple lipstick that MAC puts out. (My limitation is not buying other brands. I have to draw the line somewhere.)  I also like Lorde's music (you may have heard the song "Royals"?)  So when I heard she was collaborating with MAC on a purple lipstick, I was on board.  Since I do have quite a few purple lipsticks and glosses, I thought this might look just like one of my others.  The name is Pure Heroine, which made me wonder how similar it would be to MAC's Heroine lipstick.  Regular Heroine is a matte, and Pure Heroine is an amplified finish (more creamy), so I knew at least that would make a difference.  Pure Heroine is less pink, more purple than regular Heroine, and it has a tiny bit of sparkle, too.  The picture below has Pure Heroine swatched on top and Heroine below it. I absolutely love Pure Heroine. A perfect bright color for summer, and nice and creamy, too.
If you want a darker look just line your lips with MAC's Vino or any other dark purple lip liner, or layer another darker purple lipstick with it.  (Lorde's make up artist uses Vino.)
It is still in stock on MAC's web site.  This one will not be coming to Nordstrom's or any other department stores, so get it from MAC while you can!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic swatches and things

A little late, but now that I have everything that I'm going to get from this collection I wanted to post some more pictures.  (I have to save some money for the Moody Blooms collection at the end of this month.)  I LOVE the packaging on this one, and the products have not disappointed, either.  Just beautiful earthy tones that will look so good this summer.  The darker shadows look different depending on how the light hits them.  At first glance they all look grey, but if you look at the hand swatch you can see the blue, green and brown tones in them.  Whether that shows up on your eyes will depend on the lighting.  One shadow that I didn't get that I now wish I had is Silver Sun.  It's a very pretty green with silver.  Can't have everything.

Lorelei middle of the lid and Fathom's Deep in crease

Fathom's Deep, Legendary Lure, Lorelei, and Soul Serenade
Goddess of the Sea lipstick

Lorelei Extra Dimension eye shadow. Its almost too pretty to use!

Mystical lipstick
If you like lip gloss at all, you should definitely pick up some of these.  They are gorgeous, and they really add an extra dimension to the lipsticks.
Pet Me Please lipstick with Clear Water gloss
Soul Serenade eye shadow and Water Deities gloss

Lorelei and Fathoms Deep eye shadow with Goddess of the Sea lipstick and Modern Lure gloss

Golden bronzer and Aphrodites Shell bronzer swatches on my cheek

Siren Song lipstick
I haven't had a chance to use the bronzers yet, but from what I've seen on other people with my skin tone, they give a nice fairly natural glow, which is just what I want.
I'm skipping a few of the collections coming up (just not that excited about Pedro Lorenco or The Osbournes).  I may get the Lorde lippie, not sure since I have a lot of purples already.  I am looking forward to the Moody Blooms collection, which has a dark, tropical theme.  That will showcase MAC's Sheen Supreme lipsticks and glosses, purple, blue, green and bronze shadows, dark fluid lines and a copper fluid line, and two blushes.  More on that one in a different post.
Did you buy anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection? What is your favorite?