Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make up from Fashion Week

photo by From me to you on Tumblr
When I saw these photos from backstage at Prabal Gurung's show during Fashion Week, I wanted to try the look on myself just for fun.  I had most of the products that they used, or at least something close to it.  It looked like there was some green on either side of the blue, even though that wasn't listed on their products used, so I first put an aqua color on my eye lids as a base.

photo by From me to you on Tumblr
 Here are the products I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC aquadesiac
MAC Electric Eel
MAC brown/blue pigment
L'Oreal voluminous false fiber mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Electric
MAC Angel lipstick

The next step was to start adding the bright blue.  I started in the center of my eye and followed it up to the edge of my eye, which was a little different from MAC's design.  (They went more toward the middle of the brow.)

Then I put the blue in the inner corner of my eye like they did.
They listed that they used their brown/blue pigment, but I couldn't see where.  I put it on either side of the blue, which came out much darker than I expected.

Blending the blue and brown

Since my look now differed substantially from the MAC look, I decided to add a few more of my own touches.  I used Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil in Electric to line the lower eye.
Just to add a little more definition I used a black liner on top of the blue on my lower eye.
Here's how it looked with my eye closed before I added any mascara:
My last step was to add mascara to my top and bottom lashes

Here is the finished eye

I finished the look with a nude lipstick like the one MAC used in their look.

It's definitely not your every day look, but if you want to make an impact for a special event, this will certainly do it!  Do any of you wear make-up this bold for any events?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The best hair conditioner EVER

I rarely find a hair product that I want to rave about.  Maybe never, until now.  My hair is fine and usually frizzy.  And since I color it, the top layer always seems to be dry, making it frizzier.  I've tried so many different products I can't even remember them all.  Bumble & Bumble, Nexxus Pro Mend, Living Proof, Frizz-Ease, and numerous other ones.  Either they didn't get rid of the frizz, or they left my hair looking greasy by the time the frizz was gone.  And rarely did they get rid of the crispy, dry ends.  Yesterday I decided to try an old tub of Kerastase that I've had for years.  I bought it when they first started selling Kerastase in the United States.  I never used it up because you had to leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes after you washed and towel-dried your hair. And I never felt like taking the time to do that.  Yesterday, in desperation, I tried it.  Oh.My.God.  My hair is so soft, and has almost no frizz.  I haven't used any other product.  I haven't even flat-ironed it.  I will say the ends are still dry, but that's because I haven't had it cut for 5 months.  And even they are much better than they were before.
The only downside is the cost has gone up quite a bit.  On Kerastase's web site you'll pay $60.00, but you can get it on Amazon for $42.00.  I say it's sooo worth it.  And if you don't use it every time you shampoo you can stretch it out to last longer.  They have different kinds depending on your hair type, but it's called a masque, and it's in a tub.  The size I have is 2.0 ml.  I pasted a picture of one below so you have an idea what it looks like.  So seriously, if you can afford it, try it.  You won't have to use anything else so that will save some money, and you'll look great.  I'd love to hear comments from anyone else who has tried it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Swiss Miss

How has your style evolved over the years?  I wasn't very interested in fashion at the age of 5 when this picture was taken.  I didn't become interested in fashion until I was a teenager, and then, like most teenagers, I just wanted to look like everyone else.  It wasn't until my twenties that I started developing my own unique style.  Unfortunately all of my photos from then until very recently are in boxes in my mother's garage, and on the hard drives of my old computer which are also stored.  I don't have my own place right now, so I don't have the luxury of having my favorite things easily accessible.
But someone came up with this great idea to do a project with our style over the years and I wanted to do as much as I could because it sounded fun.  So, here's my first school picture.  I think I look like a little Swiss girl. My style now definitely leans toward the bohemian.

This next photo was from 2005, I think.  I was in my favorite bohemian clothes, but I hadn't yet realized that when you wear something loose on top and on bottom, it tends to make you look larger than you are.  When your clothes have no definition, people are left to imagine what you look like under there.
Most of us keep learning as we get older and we refine our style, so we actually end up looking better when we're older than when we were teenagers.  Do you have any photos of yourself when you were younger that you  look at?  Do you think you look better then or now?

Monday, March 5, 2012

How to apply fuschia lipstick

I have ALWAYS loved fuschia lipstick, and I'm in luck now because this color is IN for summer.  So is tangerine, but that's another post.
There are some great fuschia lipsticks out there, but I am a MAC addict, and therefore all of my fuschia lipsticks are from MAC.  I have Girl About Town (love, love, love - my first one), Full Fuschia, and Show Orchid.  They have discontinued Full Fuschia and Show Orchid (I buy a lot of limited edition lipsticks).  But they have a new one now named "Lickable" - it's a beautiful fuschia.  And if you're brave and you want to go for a deep fuschia, try Up the Amp and Rebel.  Absolutely gorgeous dark pinkish-purple colors.
So, with a color as intense as fuschia, you may worry about getting it on your lips just right.  After all, if you can't draw a straight line, it is more noticeable with bright colors.  But of course there are helpers for that!  First of all, use a lip lining pencil.  For many of us it's easier to draw an outline on your lips with a pencil rather than a lipstick or even a lip brush.  For bright lip colors, I like to match the color of the liner to the color of my lipstick.  A great one for Fuschia lips is MAC's Beet.  I used Beet to draw the line around my bottom and top lips as shown below:

If you want to add a little more fullness or fix an uneven cupid's bow, but you're not comfortable doing it yourself, I'd suggest practicing at home several times, or going to a make-up counter and having them show you how once.  Having obviously drawn on lips looks worse than no lip color at all!
After you outline your lips, fill them in with the pencil.

Then you can add lipstick.  Another benefit of using a pencil is that it will hold the lipstick on your lips longer.  And even when your lipstick wears off, the pencil will still be underneath.

Now find a complimentary eye shadow and you're ready to go!
MAC's Show Orchid lip color
Also you can see my newest post (in April's section) on Spring Make-up colors and how to find a MAC lipstick that's right for you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bring on summer brights! Orange and yellow eyes

I saw this photo of a model in W recently.  At first I thought "cool!", then I thought "would anyone actually wear that in public?"   So I decided to see what version of it I could create.  

This photo is my finished eye, closed so that you can see the colors

Make-up used:

NYC yellow and orange duo color (I thought I'd experiment with a more affordable brand)
Liner - MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black
Mascara - L'Oreal Voluminous False fiber lashes
Concealer - Make Up For Ever #4
Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo (matte red)

The first step was to put the yellow shadow on both lids  You may be able to see on the 2nd photo that my primer dried with a little crease in my eye.  My bad - make sure yours doesn't do that by smoothing it when it starts to dry.  Use your finger to pat it if you have to.

Next I put the orange in the inner corner and up over the crease.  On this eye I used the NYC orange that came with the yellow.  On the other eye I used a MAC shadow that I'd had for awhile.  The only difference that I noticed was better pigmentation (brighter) with the MAC shadow.
I extended the yellow under the brow like the picture in the magazine, then I blended.
Next I brushed my eyebrows into place and darkened them with some of Anastasia's brow powder for blondes.
Next up was lining my eyes.  I used my MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black, since it's the easiest way I have to use liquid liner.  It goes on so much easier than other liquid liners with looser brushes.
 As usual, I started from the middle of the eye and drew a line to the outer corner, then drew a 2nd line which started in the inner corner and connected to the first line in the middle.  It's much easier to do it this way than to try to draw one steady, smooth line from inner corner to outer corner, trust me!
Then I drew a line along the bottom lashes

Then I applied mascara to the underside of the upper lashes (the side facing in toward your eye when your eyes are open), then the outer side of the upper lashes.  I always start as close to the base of the lashes as I can, and wiggle the brush a little as I comb upwards.  Then I use the tip of my brush to get the curly lashes on the outer corner.

And finally those little lower lashes.  Again I often use the tip of my mascara wand or a smaller one like L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion which is a little round ball.

To match the picture of the model, I put on a matte red lipstick.  It actually looked better than I thought it would.  I doubt I'd wear it to a business meeting, but I might wear it to a casual dinner or a summer party.  It's always good to stretch your boundaries and find out what other "looks" are out there that may look fabulous on you.