Monday, July 21, 2014

Lippie of the day - Hot Gossip

If you're not lucky enough to live near a store that sells your favorite brand of lipstick, it can be hard to choose one online.  Often the little colored squares don't look like the actual lipstick, and the descriptions don't always match the true color, either.  Then there are variable such as your skin color and the color and degree of pigmentation of your lips.  I have quite a few lipsticks, mostly MAC but some Nars and Urban Decay, too, so I thought I'd share some photos of how they look on me.  For reference, I'm pretty pale most of the year, and my lips are a medium pink color most of the day.  (For future posts I'll get a photo of how my lips look with nothing at all on them.)

Today's lipstick is a creme sheen formula from MAC named Hot Gossip.  It's a nice pink that will look great for work and will work with a variety of eye shadow colors.  The Cremesheen formula is easy to apply and gives a fairly opaque color.  Hot Gossip is a permanent lipstick and is carried in Macy's, Nordstroms, MAC stores and MAC's web site, and may be available at other stores that carry MAC lipsticks.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fourth! Now let's get ready for Fall

Fall make up and fashion, that is. It's almost time for them to come out in stores, and since it's my favorite season, I'm looking forward to all of it.  Plus the hot, humid weather has been wreaking havoc with my hair and skin.  I hate feeling sticky and sweaty, but I'm also getting tired of hiding inside.  So I'm just over it, and looking forward to some cooler weather.  So now that I'm done venting, here's a little info on some of the upcoming MAC collections for Fall.  I'll try to post some info about other brands soon as well.
At the end of July some new Mineralize eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes come out.  Technically not a fall collection, but I wanted to mention it.  MAC's Mineralize lipsticks are fabulous- very moisturizing and great color.
MAC's first big fall collection is named A Novel Romance.  The theme comes from "trashy" romance novels, and MAC's employees were treated to a show of hunky men when they got their presentation of the new collections.  Some of them even got to meet Jackie Collins, the queen of the sexy, steamy novels.  The collection has a nice mix of nude, purple, and pinkish colors.  It has lipsticks, lipglosses, eye shadow quads, blush, and nail colors.
**Releases in the U.S.  August 21st.**
Also around that time will be a return of MAC's Electric Cool eye shadows, and a new product, fluid line eye pencils.  The pencils are rumored to be creamy and pigmented, similar to the Powerpoint eye pencils.  They will be in a twist-up applicator like the technakohl liners, though. I'm really excited about both of those products.
There are quite a few collections coming out in September, including a small Simpson's collection, a new Viva Glam Riri (Rihanna) lipstick (a grayish silver color which looks much better than you'd think), a collection of nudes named Artificially Wild, and a return of Casual Colors (creams for lips or cheeks).
October brings a Brooke Shields' collection (mostly nude, natural colors), a highly anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show collection, and a matte lipstick collection.
There are other releases mixed in as well, but I don't want the list to be too overwhelming.  Suffice to say that there will be no shortage of new products from MAC for fall. Start saving your money now!

Friday, June 27, 2014

MAC's Moody Blooms look

I got a few things from Moody Blooms today and wanted to do a quick post.  I got 2 fluidlines, Black Ivy and Copperthorn, the eye shadow Green Room, the lipstick Phosphorescent, and the blush Bred for Beauty.  A few initial thoughts:  Bred for Beauty is gorgeous, the texture and pigmentation is great.  I don't have pictures of it on me yet, the weather has been so hot and humid that I haven't been using much foundation.  My skin gets oily so quickly in this weather and has been breaking out horribly.  I don't want to post pictures of that!  Green Room and Black Ivy are also gorgeous, as I expected.  Copperthorn is not as easy to work with as a typical Fluidline due to it's chunky texture.  I found that if I press it on with the tip of a flat square brush it's much easier to work with than if I try dragging it with a brush.  When I used that method I did get some crumbling of pieces.  Phosphorescent didn't look exactly like I thought it would.  I had thought it would be a nice light coral after viewing it on Temptalia's and The Make Up and Beauty blog, but on me it looks more pink.  It's not a bad color, but I already have plenty of pink lippies.  Here are some quick pics of what I bought.

Bred for Beauty matte powder blush.  So incredibly gorgeous!

Black Ivy fluid line and Green Room shadow

Copperthorn fluidline

Phosphorescent Sheen Supreme lipstick
Green Room shadow on inner and outer corners, Black Ivy for liner

Green Room and Black Ivy

Phosphorescent in outdoor lighting