Sunday, August 30, 2015

Haute Dogs collection swatches

Yes I know that I'm behind on collections. I haven't had much money lately, and unfortunately I don't get free samples.  So I get what I can when I can.  Two things I love are fall-themed lipsticks and MAC's Mineralize lipsticks for when my lips are dry (like in winter). The older I get the more I like creamy lipsticks that don't show all of my deep lip lines.  As I said in my last post, once you get to a certain point no over-the-counter lip treatment can get rid of the really deep ones. Primer helps but that's another post. When I'm in a hurry I like a lipstick that can look good all on it's own.  Most of MAC's creamy formulas do that for me, but the Mineralize ones FEEL good, like a lip balm.  So I wanted to get some nude/light colors to use this winter.  I picked up 2 from Haute Dogs that I thought would work.  The first, Rare Breed, isn't an overly noticeable color but I love the way it looks on me - a perfect pinky nude.  The other, Barking Gorgeous, does show more lines because it's a milkier peach color, but from a regular distance (vs. an up close photo), it looks nice.  Both are keepers for me.

I'm doing okay for my age, I think (let's just say over 45). Wearing Rare Breed here
Rare breed swatch and Barking Gorgeous swatch

Rare Breed
Barking Gorgeous

Rare Breed on my lips.  I love love love it

Barking Gorgeous is not quite as forgiving of lip lines due to it's more opaque peachy color

Friday, August 28, 2015

MAC Veluxe a Trois collection lipstick swatches

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to post.  I have gotten a few lippies from MAC collections that surprisingly didn't sell out right away.  I am very surprised that as I type this, they're still not sold out. I like all of the ones that I got, and am liking the Cremesheen texture better as I get older.  Sadly, the lip lines aren't going to go away until I can afford some sort of plumping injection, but at least the creamier textures don't call as much attention to it.
I truly love all 3 of these, but my brain is in "autumn color" mode now so I'm really loving Royally Riotous. Such a gorgeous, rich brown! It's right up there with Shitake, Photo, Film Noir and Styled in Sepia for me.
If you haven't looked at this collection yet you really should.

Heaux lipstick from Veluxe a Trois

Quelle Surprise

One swipe of Quelle Surprise

Royally Riotous

Saturday, August 15, 2015

MAC Patentpolishes

If you didn't try MAC's lip crayons the first time that they came out, you have another chance.  I know that I'm "MAC biased", but between Nars, Urban Decay, and MAC's crayons, I like MAC's the best because I don't have to sharpen them. Plus the rounded tip makes them very easy to apply, even without a mirror. They only come in 1 finish, so if you're looking for a variety of finishes this isn't for you (try Nars in that case). These usually have a slightly glossy finish, but they're not tacky. They work wonderfully on lips with deep lip lines, they float over the lines but don't bleed.
This time around I bought 2 to try, French Kiss, a nude that was originally released with the Osbourne collection, and Ruby.  I don't remember if Ruby is a re-release.  Anyhow, here's a hand swatch in natural light:
French Kiss on the left Ruby on the right
And below swatches on my lips.  I love both colors. I heard that they were making these permanent and I really hope that's true. Stop by your MAC counter and give them a try.  I hope that you're enjoying your weekend!

French Kiss only (no liner or primer)

Ruby (again no liner or primer)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Catching up

I've had a few months off, adjusting to being without my 18 year companion (my cat Scully, the only companions that stick around for that long). I've kept quite busy with our other cats, one of which made the transition from "too afraid to be touched" to "I trust you now and want you to pet me every chance you get".  He is the one-eyed cat in my previous post, and he is such a love.  I have never heard this cat hiss, growl or seen him swat at anything.  I was finally able to get him to the vet, which terrified him, but since he is such a skinny little boy I really want to figure out what is wrong with him.  The vet visit ruled out a few things, but didn't give me any answers.  So I'm still researching.

I've also been going to the gym more often, slowly getting back in shape. It's amazing how hard it is to lose weight once you get older.  And the weight that's hardest to lose changes with age.  I had always had a thin waist, even at times when my hips had too much to them. Now I can't get rid of the weight around my middle.  I continue to be amazed at how bodies change once you reach a certain age and how little I knew about it. You hear about wrinkles and that's about it. No one tells you about the sagging skin, everywhere. Your eye lids, your facial skin, your arms (the super-annoying "Hello Helens"), your stomach, and of course your breasts.  I actually think I'm too old to go without a bra now. This is a first for me, as I never had very large breasts. In the summer I could throw on a cami or tank and I was good.  Yeah, that goes away as you get older and gain weight.  Young women, enjoy bralessness and little boobs while you can! You'll miss these things once you lose them.

As a result of these lovely aging things, I've been spending more money on skincare and less on cosmetics. I actually don't have many true wrinkles, just fine lines and lax skin. And the lovely little "age spots" are starting to appear in more places.  Unfortunately when I was younger we didn't know how bad the sun was for your skin.  "Laying out" was the thing to do in my teens and early 20's.  Thank God I got into computers and became a mostly indoor, geek girl. That has probably had a lot to do with my skin still looking pretty good. You can avoid the majority of problems that they call "age-related" if you avoid the sun or wear sunscreen.  I don't like wearing it, to be honest, because I don't like the feel of it on my skin, but if I'm out in bright sunlight, I force myself, especially on my hands. I have Clarins, but I recently tried a sample of Skinceuticals and it's amazing! It's not sticky or greasy, and it's tinted so you don't get that white cream that you have to rub in.  It's not cheap, but I'm going to try to save up for a full bottle.

As for make-up, I continue to be mostly a MAC girl, but I did get 2 things from Urban Decay's summer collection. I LOVE the packaging on it, especially the Afterglow blushes.  I also had to get 2 lipsticks from MAC's Giambattista Valli collection. Who could resist those colored bullets?  I also liked the packaging from MAC's Wash n Dry, and picked up several things from that.  I'm a sucker for special packaging, although my favorite MAC collection this summer was Le Disko.  Those shadows were/are to die for! Such tiny shimmer particles and beautiful duo chrome formula. No special packaging needed for these beauties!

I was also happy to see MAC add a lot to their permanent line. I'm a big fan of shopping perm products.  I was happy to see the Patentpolishes come back, as they work great on my aging lips (the time has come when light colored matte lippies are not so good on me.) I've been trying more of MAC's skin products, and I really like the Prep + Prime color correcting products, especially the powders. The yellow one gets rid of red marks on the skin very well.  I'm surprised that the last collection with the cremesheen lippies and Veluxe Pearlfusion shadows doesn't have anything sold out yet. That's unusual for MAC collections, especially ones with online exclusive lippies. I bought the Heaux lipstick, Quelle Surprise, and Royally Riotous. I'm tempted to buy one of the other nude/brown shades as well, but I'm low on funds so I have to wait a bit.  I love my brown and purple lippies! Who am I kidding? I love pretty much every shade, except most all white-based colors (see Bianca B from Giambattista Valli).

So that's a quick overview, and hopefully now I can post a little more regularly. What were your favorite beauty products this summer?