Thursday, September 25, 2014

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2

Are you a daring kind of girl or woman? If you are, you should pick up the new MAC Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick.  If you haven't seen it yet, the newest Viva Glam lipstick is probably the most unusual one yet.  It's described as a mauvey silver frost.  It looks more like a brown with silver frost.  In the right light I can see the mauve, but for the most part you can't.  It looks like a grey brown.  So, it's not for everyone, but I love it.  I have SO MANY pinks, reds, oranges, purples, and nudes.  This is something that I don't have, and because of that I like it.  I will admit frosts are getting a little harder for me to wear without a primer or lip liner because the frost finish can accentuate lip lines.  But I don't mind using lip liner.

The best way to change up the look of this, however, is to layer the gloss on top of the lipstick.  It looks fantastic!  I haven't seen this combo look bad on ANYONE.  The gloss itself is stunning, a gorgeous lilac with red frost (MAC describes it as a "cool mauve with red frost").  When you put the gloss on over the lipstick it changes it into a more purple, less brown shade that is uniquely beautiful.

And of course all of the proceeds from this go to helping people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.  That in itself was a reason for me to buy it.

Here are a few snaps I took of the lipstick and gloss.

Just the lipstick
The lipstick with gloss layered over it
The gloss itself is stunning. A must have in my book

Friday, September 19, 2014

Coming Soon -Fall fashion and make up collaborations and collections

Sept.  Scandal/Olivia Pope's wardrobe recreated with The Limited.
Big shawl collars, neutrals, whites, black. Sophisticated but tough clothes. What better way to celebrate the next season of Scandal! It's supposed to launch sometime this week, and be available until next May. I have a few things on my list...

Sept. 14   Target x Altuzzara
I looked at this online and was rather disappointed.  The only thing that I thought was unique was the golden-hued python dress.  Other dresses were nice and if I were working in an office right now I might buy 1 or 2.  I'm not interested enough to go to Target to look at it.

Sept. 26th,   Kohl's x Eli Tahari New York inspired
I looked at the preview online and I AM excited for this collection.  I love the shirts with the New York scenes/inspiration, and the pants and leggings look unique.  There are some nice dresses for work, and I ADORE the black flared skirt with the cityscape at the bottom.  I loved Catherine Malandrino's collab with Kohl's last fall, and this one looks equally good.  Plus Elie Tahari seems like a genuinely nice person.  Can't wait!!

Oct. 2nd, MAC & RHPS
If you liked The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this collection may be your thing.  I've seen it but it was a midnight showing with very few people, so we didn't get the crowd participation thing going.  So I'm neither here nor there with excitement about the movie.  Maybe that's why I'm not excited about this collection.  The packaging is just meh for me, it's the red lips with the movie title by them. To me it looks like they slapped a sticker on it.  There are lipsticks for this one, at least.  All are some shade of red, though.  There are also some gorgeous glitters and pigment, blushes, and nail polishes

Oct 2nd, MAC x Brooke Shields
Sophisticated packaging with a fairly large variety of products.  Specifically a huge neutral eye shadow palette.  Lipsticks in square gray tubes with orange accents.  If it weren't for The Matte lip collection, I would get something from this one. I'm also holding out for the cool black packaging of the Ultimate Collection.

Oct. 2nd, MAC The Ultimate Collection
Gorgeous lipsticks and powders in equally gorgeous black packaging.  Pricey but it will be perm, so no rush.  I've got my eye on several of these.

Oct. 9th, MAC The Matte Lip Collection
A variety of colors, from greige (gray beige) to dark purple to pinky-red.  And all are the beloved matte formula.  I've had my list made for weeks!

Mid-Oct., MAC x Nasty Gal
A smallish collection with three lipsticks. One red, one burgundy, and one purple.

November, MAC x Prabal Gurung
If you follow Prabal on IG you've probably already gotten some glimpses of these.  Beautiful gold packaging, lipsticks, bronzer...  High pricing to cover the cost of the nice packaging...  I'm undecided on this one.

MAC Heirloom Holiday Collection
I'm not sure of the date yet.  There was a great presentation for this during their fall employee updates. Think cameos, pearls, white, black, and samples of lipsticks, pressed pigments, regular pigments, Viva Glam I - VI, brushes, and probably more that I'm forgetting about.

Monday, September 15, 2014

MAC and the Simpsons (Marge, specifically)

As some of you know, MAC recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Simpsons.  (If you don't know what The Simpsons is, google Marge and Homer Simpson, or skip this post.)  I was as surprised as everyone else that there were no lipsticks for this one, and I have no idea why.  There were lip glosses, which are sold out on MAC and Nordstrom's U.S. web sites, so if you want one at regular price, I would check your local store.  People love the Red Blazer one, Grand Pumpkin (Orange), and Itchy, Scratchy and Sexy(purple).  There is also a yellow-green named Nacho Cheese Explosion that can be very useful to layer over lipsticks that you want to change the color of.

There were 2 blushes, a pink named Pink Sprinkles (which I'll be getting soon because I grabbed a restock before it sold out online), and a coral blush named Sideshow You that was online only and is sold out online also.

There are 2 eye shadow palettes that are still available.  Both contain 4 eye shadows, and like the blushes, they have a picture of Marge Simpson imprinted on them.  The first is That Trillion Dollar Look.  It contains a Lime Green, a Kelly Green, a dirty Olive Green, and a dark/blackened teak.  The other, which I bought, is Marge's Extra Ingredients.  It has a baby pink, a vibrant purple, a bright blue, and a deep navy blue.  It is a nice, good quality compact, which was nice.  Cartoon items can sometimes feel cheap and therefore look cheesy, but these are not.  The shadows are a nice quality from what I've heard.  I can't bring myself to use mine!

Here are a few pics of it.

Pink Sprinkles blush
There is also a set of false lashes and some nail art stickers.  You may not have many choices online, but I've heard that stores still have a lot of stock from this collection.  I'll add photos of Pink Sprinkles to this post when I receive it.

And if you like this kind of themed collection, get ready for a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection coming at the beginning of October.  I'll write a separate post about it and the other fall collections coming out soon.  There are a lot, so start saving your money!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

MAC's Artificially Wild - Nudes with an attitude

MAC debuted several new items and collections in stores this week.  They've repackaged their face and body foundation, something that I've yet to try but have heard good things about.  They released an homage to Marge Simpson (more on that in a separate post), and they also launched a small collection called "Artificially Wild", a bit of a throwback to the ninetie's nudes and browns (if you hadn't noticed, there's a lot of nineties redux happening).  At first glance, I thought I could easily skip this one.  Nudes? Earthtones? Ho-hum.  But instead of the usual suspects, these are neutrals with a little twist.

There are a few eyeshadows in shades other than just the usual beige and brown.  Artificial Earth is a mauve nude, Stony is a light concrete grey, Marsh is described as a "dirty olive green", and Natural Wilderness is mustard gold nude.  I'm most intrigued by Marsh, its a nice green for fall, and different from anything that I have.

The lipsticks attracted me the most (as is usually the case). Photo is described as a golden brown, which I'll have to go to the store to try on since I have a few browns already. The same goes for Yash and Siss.  No hurry, anyhow, since those are in the permanent line.  I had to try Shitake and Icon. Shitake is a glaze and Icon is a frost.  Both are sheer, so you can use 1 layer for a very natural look or apply several layers for more opaque coverage. Not surprisingly, I loved them both.

There are also 3 blushes, Pink Cult (a pink which seems to have a cult following), Next to Skin, a very pale beige which a lot of people love, and Taupe, which I decided to try.  I love the texture (Satin), the opacity is very good, and it's a nice beige.

There are also 4 lip glosses, which all look beautiful, but I have so many glosses that I made myself skip them.  There are also 3 Cream Color Bases, which are creams that you can use on cheeks or eyes.  Breaking Ground is an iridescent mauve, Shell is a beige-pink, and Au Nature is a mustard olive.  I was tempted to buy Breaking Ground but I have a few other of these and I rarely use them.

Overall, I like this collection much more than I expected.  It's perfect for fall, yet these are also neutrals that I can use year-round.

Clockwise from top left: Icon lipstick, Shitake lipstick, Taupe blush, Coquette eye shadow (not part of the collection)


Icon on left, Shitake on right

the Taupe blush on my skin

Taupe blush
Marsh eye shadow

Monday, September 1, 2014

Should there be different rules for beauty after 40?

Recently I was in a bookstore looking through some books about beauty.  There were a few about beauty for women over 40, and I have to say I was disappointed with them.  So many of their "rules" were so stereotypical and in my opinion, outdated.  For instance, don't wear your hair long, don't wear any shade of eye shadow other than neutral shades, don't wear dark lipstick, don't line your entire eye, don't smudge shadow under your eye, and more that I can't remember.  I can understand some of these, for example, if your lips are thinning as you age, dark lipstick will make them look smaller.  And shadow smudged under your eyes could exacerbate dark circles or bags.  But those aren't concerns that apply only to women over 40.  You can have all of those things no matter what your age.
And what's up with the long hair thing? If you have nice hair, and it looks good long, you should wear it that way if you want to.  Possibly the worst rule, in my opinion, is the one about not wearing any color make up other than neutrals.  They suggested that that is the only way to look appropriately chic in middle age. WHY would that be the case? Purples and greens can look just as sophisticated and chic as taupe or brown, if you choose the right shades and apply them properly.  Women's eyes don't instantly get wrinkled and bad-looking after they turn 40.  I didn't notice any different in the skin around my eyes until around 49.  The only change so far is that the skin is not as taut.  That affects how I wear my eye liner, but that's about it.
If you're over 40, do you think you should adhere to rules like this about beauty? Have you changed the way you wear make-up or your hair because of your age?

I'm breaking the rules about hair length, eye liner, and lipstick color.  Do I care?