Tour of clothing boutiques in Pittsburgh

I've been back in my hometown for 2 years now, and have hardly done any shopping.  'Cause I haven't been able to find a job.  (Bion I do technical support, training, and server administration.)  But I'm tired of waiting to check out the cute boutiques in Pittsburgh.  So I'm going to start checking them out just for window shopping purposes.  That can be fun, too (I try to convince myself).  I'm going to post my findings here along with pictures, if the store owners are okay with that.  I'm not doing chain stores, big discount stores or anything like that, just small stores, preferably owned by locals. 
If you own a boutique in the 'burgh, let me know where you are and what your hours are so that I can come visit!  I promise that sooner or later I'll buy something!


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