Pittsburgh's first Fashion Week!

I'm really excited about the upcoming fashion week in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa.  Since I've moved back here I've been trying to find local designers and people in the fashion industry.  Finally, after finding Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine on Facebook, I found out that there will be a fashion week here August 27th through Sept 3rd.  I'm hoping that they still need volunteers, and I'm checking into the cost of being a vendor.
My hope is to increase fashion awareness in the city, as well as help improve it's overall image.  People think of Pittsburgh as an industrial city, a sports-town, and some know that it was voted most liveable city in 2007, but few see it as a fashion-forward city.  I hope that it's first fashion week will be the first step toward making it a better place for all of us in the fashion industry.

Thank you to PittsburghFashionMag.com for the information!


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