Who do you dress for?

Do you know why you like the styles you wear?  Sometimes it is just an unknown, "This rocks and I've got to wear it", and other times we wear things that we think will affect specific people.  For example, once I had an office job with a conservative company, and because I had so few ways to express myself, I gravitated toward unusual, rebellious-looking accessories.  These rings, earrings, dark lipstick, etc. were possibly never noticed by anyone else, but I felt better when I wore them. 
Likewise, I've often dressed to appeal to a man that I was interested in.  At one point I switched from wearing ankle-length skirts and dresses with flats to short dresses with high heels because I was interested in a guy at work.  My co-workers were startled to find out that I actually had legs!
Do you dress to make a statement to someone?  If you immediately say "no, just to please myself", are you sure? 


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