Gotta love Marshall's

For years I've loved shopping at Marshall's.  No matter where I've lived - Pennsylvania, Georgia, or California, there's always been a Marshalls close by.  They have EVERYTHING - clothes, shoes, hair care, housewares, handbags, jewelry, even some electronics.  My favorite spots are the clothes, handbags, shoes, hair care, bath & body, & things for the home.  Yes, just about everything.  As much as I love them, I don't totally believe their commercials about getting inventory from stores who've accidentally overbought.  Yes that happens occasionally - I bought a handbag there that I had just seen at Macy's the week before.  I got it at Marshall's for exactly 50% less than Macy's.  I examined that bag inside and out, and found nothing wrong with it.  Happy, happy day!  I do think alot of their clothes ARE last season's (or last, last season's).  The thing is, I don't care.  If I like it, I can afford it, it meets my needs, and there's nothing wrong with it, I'm happy as can be.

Take, for example, this wonderful Miss Sixty coat I found there a few weeks ago.  I used to go into the Miss Sixty store in California, so I know their prices.  I could never afford them.  But I could definitely afford this!  It will keep me warm & I'll look fabulous.  That's good enough for me.


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