New motivation for working out at the gym

I have many REASONS to work out.  I'm taking a medication for insomnia which has a nasty side effect of weight gain.  I've blown up to my highest weight ever since I've been taking these meds.  I hate the way I look and feel.  That is a motivation, but it doesn't always work.  I can distract myself from those feelings in many ways.  Another reason to work out is that the extra weight is hard on my body.  My back hurts more, and yoga has gotten more difficult.  In revolved poses my stomach gets in the way.  And plank is more of a bitch than ever, since my arms have to hold much more weight up.  Again, reasons, but not necessarily enough motivation.
But being able to wear sexy boots and look hot in them?  THAT is motivation (see boots below).  And the best thing I've found yet... staying on the elliptical for an entire hour of my favorite show each week.  For a blissful hour I walk off calories while watching the gorgeous guys on Criminal Minds.  The only time I notice how tired I'm getting is during commercials.  And when that happens I switch my headset to my iPod for some fast-paced music.  At the end of the hour I've burned 300+ calories, used my mind to figure out who the unsub is, and got my eye candy.  That's an hour well spent!


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