Pittsburgh Fashion Week's Eco chic shows

Before I start writing about Paris's fashion week, I have to say something about the fashion week in that other city that starts with a "P" - Pittsburgh, of course!  I went to the Saturday night runway show that featured several designers all creating with an eye toward the environment.  Otherwise known as eco-fashion, eco-chic, green design, sustainable fashion, upcycled fashion, etc.  They were all surprisingly different.  The pictures that I'm posting today are from local designer Lana Neumeyer.  Brazil was her inspiration, and it showed in the bright, fun colors and the tropical vibe of the clothes.  To make the show even more enjoyable, Brazilian music played while the models literally danced down the runway.  As they danced, they threw little burlap bags filled with coffee beans into the crowd.  It was truly an entertaining show with many beautiful outfits.  I only wish that my camera was as good as the show!  Unfortunately some of the shots are blurred and/or dark on the edges due to the lighting for the runway.  More pictures will be available on my Facebook page this weekend.  I'll post a link as soon as I get them all uploaded.


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