Where is your favorite place to shop for the holidays?

I'm guessing that as soon as the annoying, ubiquitous political ads go away, the holiday shopping ads are going to start.  For the past few years, I've been one of those people who say "No!  It's too soon!  I'm not ready for Christmas!"  For one thing, when the ads start so early, they lose their charm way before the holidays.  Second, not having money to shop definitely takes some of the fun out of the season.  And last, not having anyone special or fun to shop for makes the holidays seem more an obligation than an enjoyment.

Despite these negative things, there are a few things that I almost always enjoy during the holiday season.  A big one is the decorations.  I love sparkly things, so it's no surprise that I'd love holiday decorations - the lights, the silver and gold, the smell of pine trees, red bows, etc.  I grew up in the Northeast, where almost everyone decorates their homes.  When I moved to Atlanta, GA, there weren't as many decorations and no snow.  When I moved to Southern California, there were even less homes lit up, and barely even chilly weather.  But no matter where I lived, I could always go to the malls & see beautiful decorations and feel that holiday spirit.  In California I could go to Fashion Island, an outdoor mall a few miles from the ocean, to see the lighting of their giant tree.  And always, always, there was Macy's.  Every Macy's I've ever been in during the holidays has had gorgeous decorations and that intangible spirit of the holidays.  At least for the time I spent in there, I'd feel the magic.

Do any of you have one special place that always puts you in a holiday spirit?  I hope so.  They come around whether we want them to or not, so it's nice to have at least one place where you can feel the specialness that they're supposed to bring.


  1. those are very pretty necklaces, especially the silver one

  2. Thank you, Sharon! It's one of my very favorites. And as I'm sure you know, the pictures don't look nearly as pretty as the real thing.


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