Tired of being frugal but still don't have much money?

Many of us cut back our spending in 2008 when the economy went down the drain.  A lot of us did it because we had to, not because we really wanted to.  It's been TWO YEARS.  Two years of not buying anything extra, two years of stretching our existing wardrobe, not going into clothing stores, reading articles trying to convince ourselves that not buying luxuries made life simpler and more enjoyable.  I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I'm SO tired of not buying things.  I want new clothes.  And unfortunately since I've gained a lot of weight this year, I even NEED new clothes.  But I can't afford them. 
Lucky for me, I can give myself jewelry.  I can afford to buy a few supplies and make myself necklaces that can make old clothes look fresh.  I draw attention to my collar bone, or to a pretty pendant in the middle of my chest (one place that has benefited from weight gain).  I can make a gorgeous pair of earrings and pull my hair back on the sides to show them off.  I'm betting that most of you can do the same.  It doesn't cost much, but it can make you feel almost brand new.


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