Use the right jewelry to match your outfit

I usually pick jewelry that matches my outfit's color.  Lately, though, I've been noticing what a big difference it makes when I take a little extra time to be sure the outfit and the jewelry play well, especially if I'm wearing a jacket.  Some of the little things I've discovered are listed below.

1.  If I'm wearing a long necklace, I usually don't want to wear it with a shirt that has a plunging neckline.  It's like having an arrow pointing right to my cleavage.  (of course, sometimes that IS what I want, but usually not.  See picture C below)  I find long necklaces look best with a shirt that's neckline is close to my collarbone and turtlenecks. 

2.  Short necklaces don't look very good over a turtleneck (see picture D. below), and they can be tricky with higher necklines because they sometimes disappear under your shirt.

3.  Even the color of your shirt and/or jacket matters when it comes to necklaces.  See the pictures of the gold necklace with the purple jacket (A) vs. the light green jacket (B).  The light green one shows off the necklace more.

A.  Nice look

B.  Better look

C.  Cleavage arrow!

D.  Necklace is too short to wear with a turtleneck

4. The most obvious tip is to have a shirt color that complements or contrasts with your jewelry.  If everything is the same color it will all blend together & no one will know you have that fabulous jewelry!


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