I'm back after a hiatus, and what better week to blog again

Because it was fashion week in New York!  Not that I was there.  I'm not of that status yet.  But I've been reading various reviews and looking at pictures from the collections.  It is a bit strange to think these are for NEXT winter, since I'm impatiently waiting for THIS winter to end!  I must say that makes me a little less interested.  So in my head I've combined the trends that I'm seeing for this spring AND next fall.  There are several that are making me think "yay!", looking forward to finding them in stores.  Long and flowy skirts and dresses seem to be a major theme.  I've always been for feminine flowy, or a tailored long look.  I've always loved ankle-length skirts, just because they're different.  I like extremes - 2 or 3 inches above my knee, or down to my ankles. 
And the long, wide-legged pants ROCK!  These are flattering on almost every figure, certainly more universally flattering than skinny legs.  They look sexy and sophisticated, especially the new Theory ones done by Theysken.
I've even seen a few tunics and 70's-inspired halter gowns (not dresses but long gowns) that I liked a lot.  Fringe is in a lot of collections, which is great as long as it's done tastefully.  Of course there are always the trends that I don't like, but as long as I can find a few that excite me, I'm good. 
Do any of you have comments about your favorite trends for spring or next fall?  C'mon and share!  Here are just a few of my favorite "long and flowy" creations for next fall.
Naeem Khan FW11

Naeem Khan FW11

L.A.M.B. FW11

Naeem Khan FW11

(Photos are courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week)


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