Since the average American woman is a size 12...

why do stores stock so many small sizes?  Really, how many women size 0 and 2 can there be?  I think I've known one person in my life that was a size 2 or 4.  When I was thinner, of course, I never noticed this.  Unfortunately, for about 8 months I needed to take medicine to sleep, and it had a bad side effect of rapid weight gain.  Unbelievably, astonishingly rapid.  Now I weigh more than I ever have before, and am the largest size I've ever been.  Since I don't have any clothes in this size, I have to buy some, because I DO have to get dressed to go outside.  If I'm going anywhere other than the gym or the grocery store, I want to look stylish.  For some labels this is impossible if you're larger than a size 10.  Really??  A 10 is someone's limit??  Why is that?  Is it due to a pricing calculation for the amount of fabric?  Or do they think that most people larger than a 10 won't make their clothes look good? 

To be fair this only seems to be the case for a small number of labels.  Most will make the same design in clothes up to a size 12 or 14.  Of course, that doesn't mean the stores will carry very many of the larger sizes.  That brings me back to my original question.  Do stores think that women who buy larger sizes have less money?  Or that they do have money but spend less than skinny women?  Or do they think that we don't shop at all?  Or only wear mumus?  I don't know the answer, of course, but the situation is prompting me to sew some outfits for myself so that I CAN look stylish.  And of course, thank God, there is jewelry to fit every size woman in just about any style.  And if I can't find jewelry to flatter me, I can make that, too.
Fuschia and orange crystal necklace, by 405 Creations, $57.


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