Some of my newest items that will be for sale soon

Although my main web site is on hiatus while I try to get better hosting with more professional looking creation software, I'm still selling new things in my Etsy store and through Facebook (  Right now I'm focusing on spring with lots of color, and it's opposite - the total absence of color for white bridal looks.   I'm also doing some neutral colors for pearls, whether for weddings or every day glamour.  I love the more casual way that some women are wearing pearls right now.  I'm especially enjoying making multi-strand necklaces and bracelets.  Here are pictures of some things that I've recently finished but may not have for sale yet.  If you're interested in buying any of them but don't see them in my Etsy store, just post a comment here or send me a message on Facebook or Etsy and I'll get you a price.

Amethyst and silver crystal bracelet - 405 creations

Spring garden necklace - 405 creations

Spring garden pink and green necklace

Multi-strand crystal necklace - available now in my Etsy store

Pearl cluster encklace

Grey, almond and black pearl cluster necklace

Orange and fuschia half crystal, half chain necklace

Green spring necklace - 405 creations available on my Etsy store

Spring green and gold necklace - 405 creations on


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