eye shadow - the ultimate difference maker?

Next up in my experiment was eye shadow.  To be true to the criteria I've given myself, I didn't put on mascara, just eyeshadow and pencil liner.  I used Laura Mercier's smoky grey on the lids and crease, Stila's "Kitten" for a highlight under the arch of my brows, and MAC pencil in Mystery (black).  To be honest, I was surprised by what a difference it made.  Even with a new glowing red zit on my cheek, and no lipstick, I liked the way I looked.  In the past I've often skipped eyeshadow when I was in a hurry or just feeling lazy, but I'll think twice before I do that again.  Here's the eyeshadow example, with the bare face next to it for comparison.  

no make-up

Laura Mercier smoky grey eyeshadow, Stila kitten eyeshadow, MAC Kohl Power pencil in Mystery (black) 

Concealer only (Make-Up Forever #4)

Coming up, foundation.


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