Pittsburgh Fashion Week Take 2

Tomorrow I'm going to my first volunteer meeting for Pittsburgh's Fashion Week 2011.  Yes, we're determined to be a city that has more going on culturally than just winning sports teams.  Of course, we already ARE that city, it's just getting the world to know it.  Pittsburgh has some industries that are very cutting-edge and well-respected within that industry (think Carnegie Mellon University, and most of Pittsburgh's hospitals) But there are other areas that some of us are trying to push more to the forefront, and fashion is one of them.  Last year, Miyoshi Anderson spearheaded a group that created the first ever Pittsburgh Fashion Week.  This year, she's doing it again.  I'm very excited to be a part of it this year.  (Last year all that I did was take pictures, see posts from Sept. 2010.)  I love fashion, and I love my hometown, & I especially would love to see my hometown become a little more hip and well-known in the area of fashion.  So I'll keep you posted...


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