Did you wear anything great for a holiday get-together?

I'd like to say I did, but the closest I got was trying on summer clothes to see if they still fit!  I was in the mood to stay home this weekend and get things done.  And since the weather suddenly zoomed into the 90's, getting out cooler clothes was a priority.  (No spring this year!)
I enjoy getting my summer clothes out.  I've lived most of my adult life in southern areas of the U.S., so I have a lot of fun summer clothes.  In summer I tend to live in workout clothes and dresses, for the most part.  Loose, flowing sun dresses are my summer uniform whenever I'm not thrilled with my weight.  Much more flattering than shorts! Along with ankle-grazing skirts to wear with my fun summer t-shirts and tops.
When you're getting clothes out of storage, it's also the perfect time to do some experimenting regarding new ways to wear things.  Mix tops and bottoms that you normally don't wear together.  Add some of this season's jewelry to last season's clothes.  Since dressing for summer tends to be more casual than cold weather clothing, you can be more creative.
Do you have any favorite outfits for summer?  If not, did you come up with something that you liked for Memorial Day?  Share!


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