Do you have problems with your eye shadow fading?

Scene:  You're getting ready to out for the night with friends.  You pick out an outfit that looks smokin' hot on you, do your hair just perfectly, and take your time putting on make-up that matches both your outfit and the type of place you're all going.  You look great - perfect for all of the pictures that everyone will be taking.  Flash forward 5 hours.  After 3 drinks you go to the bathroom, you look in the mirror and... Oh my God!  I look horrible!!  What the hell happened to my hair and my make-up???
Oh, I've had many nights like that.  The hair is a topic for another blog post.  This one is for the make-up, specifically, your eye make-up.  There are a few tricks that can keep it from fading and/or smudging.  First, the fading problem (you know, where it all slides into the crease of your eye).  Eye shadow primer is the best cure for that.  You put it on your eyes first, let it dry, then apply your eyeshadow.  **Beware, though** most primers will make the shadow adhere better and therefore the colors is deeper, brighter, darker.  If that's the look you're going for, great, if not, use a light hand when putting on your shadow.  Experiment with it before a big night out.  Here's a photo where I used primer on one eye but not on the other.

Notice how much darker the right eye shadow is (the eye on your left).  My favorite primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  There may be other good ones, of course, but theirs is the best that I've found.  Use this with either waterproof mascara, or skip mascara on your bottom lashes altogether.  Then either use a permanent liquid liner (like the ones from MAC, which will NOT come off until you take them off with make-up remover), or use an eye pencil that spreads easily but won't smudge too much.  Again, I like MAC's powerpoint line and Kohl line of pencils.  I also like Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils equally as well.  I've heard that Make-Up Forever's aqua liners are great, too, although I haven't had a chance to try them yet.


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