Dry shampoo - the best thing since sliced bread!

If you've got a hectic schedule and don't always have time to wash your hair when you want to, the new dry shampoos can be your best friend.  Seriously.  They'll buy you an extra day, at least, of looking good, smelling good and feeling clean.  And most of them come in a small size that will fit in your gym bag, as well as a larger size for home use.
My favorite so far is a spray by Klorane.  If you live in California you should be able to get it at Planet Beauty.  If you can't find it at a local store, Sephora carries it online.  Oscar Blandi also makes a good one named Pronto, now in dry powder form and spray, with a nice, lemon scent.  Renee Furterer makes one that I've heard is good but I haven't tried it yet.  The one that I have now is a dry powder from Ojon.  I like it a lot, and I think it has the best smell of all of them.
No more bad hair days or wearing a scarf or something to cover up my greasy roots!  This is truly an essential part of my beauty arsenal now.


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