I don't get dressed up often enough to buy that

My sister is a great commentor on my Facebook fan page.  It seems that most of my fans are mute or they don't know how to type, but I can always count on my sister to Like or Comment on my posts.  Recently she made a comment that I'll bet a lot of others think.  I had posted some photos of a multi-strand beaded necklace that I'd just finished.  She wrote "they're so beautiful, I sometimes wish I went somewhere where I could get dressed up enough to wear these".   I understand that.  I've been in one of those life phases where I don't go anywhere that requires dressing up very often, too.  The gym has it's own dress code, and jewelry isn't a big part of that.  I normally run errands the same days that I go to the gym, so I wear the same clothes.  I'm working from home, so pj's are my outfit of choice there.  But even if you're like me, you can find occasions to wear something a little fancy that you love.  And trust me, it will make you feel great while you're wearing it.  If you go to dinner or even meet a friend for coffee or cocktails, you can get dressed up without going overboard.  No one wears cocktail dresses to Starbuck's, but you can wear nice jeans, funky boots or shoes, a cool shirt with a jacket or knit sweater layered on top of it, and some great jewelry.  You won't look out of place, and you'll certainly feel better than if you played it safe with jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweatshirt or sweater.  Below I have a picture of one of the necklaces that my sister talked about, and how I wore it in a casual way when we went to dinner last week.


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