The sum of all parts really is greater

Wrapping up my experiment regarding which one thing makes the biggest difference in a woman's looks, I still believe it's eye shadow.  BUT, that is only when you're looking at just the face.  If you look at a broader prospective, I'm guessing clothes or hair are more important than any cosmetic when it comes to a polished look.  That, of course, is the purpose behind all of the fashion magazines, blogs, web sites, etc.  And deservedly so. 
I went to dinner with my sister last weekend.  I didn't have time to flat iron all of my hair, so I did only the bottom layers & pulled the rest up into a nice chignon.  For clothes I went with a dressed up casual look, with jeans, a coral cotton shirt, and a black jacket.  I prefer to get more dressed up but I would have been overdressed if I had.  And then the small detail about my having gained so much weight last year that I have very few clothes that still fit!  The bottom line is that I do the best with what I have, because to me, pulling it all together and looking good makes me feel good.  It's worth the time.
MAC gold metallic eyeshadow, MAC purple liquid liner, L'Oreal voluminous mascara, Make-up forever concealer & mat velvet foundation, MAC Blushcreme in Posey, MAC lipstick Impassioned.

The before picture


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