Time to shape up those eye brows!

If you're not into tweezing your own brows or having someone else do them, you should be.  Having properly shaped eye brows makes a HUGE difference in the way your eyes look.  If you aren't convinced, look at photos of celebrities that you find the most beautiful.  Most of them will have perfectly arched brows.  That was enough to convince me to go and have my eye brows waxed years ago.  The difference was so dramatic that I've never stopped.  It gives a lift to your eye and makes them look more open.
Finding a good brow person is not easy, though.  Lots of people do them, but few do them well.  Ideally go to someone who is an aesthetician or a make-up artist.  If you use Retin-A, stop using it for a week before you go for a brow wax.  A good brow designer will ask you about this, too.  If you ever get a brow wax and afterwards you have burnt, red, tender areas of skin, don't go back to that person.  A minor little spot is okay, especially if you've cheated and used Retin A.  But if it's a large area and it scabs over when healing, they made the wax too hot, and you don't want someone who can't take the time to make sure that it's the proper temperature.


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