Happy Birthday to Kirsten Vangsness

Because good things come in pairs, this week there were 2 members of the cast of Criminal Minds that had birthdays.  The second one was Kirsten Vangsness, whose birthday was the 6th or 7th.  (I'm obviously not a fanatic or I'd remember the exact day.)  Kirsten, for those who don't know, plays Penelope Garcia, the team's technical analyst and hacking guru.  She also is the most fashion forward member of the team, to say the least.  She has an eclectic sense of style that makes her stand out.  And that, along with the fact that she's a fellow geek, makes me love the character.  Kirsten herself is not a geek, but does have a funky sense of style.  It's not the kind of style that's going to get her on the cover of Vogue, it's the kind that geeks, rebels, and women who like uniqueness admire.
This is my "thank you" to Kirsten for being such an interesting person and fabulous actress.

A.J. Cook and Kirsten on the set of Criminal Minds
Pictures from Kirsten Vangsness, via Twitter


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