Happy Birthday to Thomas Gibson aka Hotch and Agent Hotchner

I'm breaking from my usual topics to wish my favorite TV profiler a happy birthday.
Today, July 3rd, Thomas Gibson of TVs Criminal Minds turns 49.  Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show, and Thomas is my favorite of the cast.  (And since I love every cast member, that's a pretty big accomplishment.)  He plays the character of Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner perfectly.  Hotch is the Unit Chief of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, aka "the BAU".  His character is serious, smart, strong, and a great leader.  At the same time, we see glimpses of a tender and caring father, and a regular guy with a sense of humor and true empathy for the crime victims.  If you've never watched the show, you can watch re-runs on ION or A & E channels.  Their 100th episode is an absolute must-see.  It helps, however, if you watch a few other episodes that are tied to the subject.  The first is "Omnivore", Disc 5 from Season 5.  The next is technically the finale from Season 5, but you could skip it and still understand the storyline by watching the season opener for Season 6, "Nameless, Faceless", and then from Season 6, "Outfoxed".  Episode 100 is one of the few of any show that made me cry, each time I saw it for about the first 5 times.  (Yes, I am a big fan, and watch the re-runs every week.)

Thomas Gibson also played Greg on the show "Dharma and Greg", and regularly tweets to his fans on Twitter.


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