Red white and blue beauty - red eyes?

I know most women don't wear red eyeshadow.  I thought of doing the red post of this series using red lipstick, but since I AM one of those women who wears red eyeshadow, I decided to show that.  Because it's really not odd looking at all.  The only reason that red hasn't been a common eyeshadow color was that something in the red pigment was irritating to eyes.  But they've found a way around that, apparently.  I apologize again for some of the blurry pictures.
The finished look - red eyeshadow with grey in crease.
I'm sure that there are several make-up lines who carry red shadow, but the only ones that I have are from Make-Up Forever and MAC.  For this example, I used Make-Up Forever's Flash Color No. 001 (a creme).

Next I put on black liner, again with my MAC Penultimate liner, starting from the center and going out, then filling in the inside corner.  After that I line the lower eyelid, and put mascara on top and bottom.

Next is the highlight color for under the arch of my eyebrow (now that I have a little arch again).  One of my favorites is Moonlight powder by Stila.

After that I brushed and colored my brows. It feels so good to have neat, groomed brows again! (Thank you to Janet at Philip Pelusi Salon in Cranberry, PA)

You could stop here.  I think the red shadow and black liner look great by themselves, especially for daylight. If you want a more dramatic or evening look, you can add a dark shadow in the crease.  I put dark grey shadow in the crease.  You could also use black, but in my opinion one deep, striking color is enough.  Especially on someone with fair skin.  I used Laura Mercier's shadow and one of her crease brushes - those are the only kind I will use for putting shadow in the crease because they work perfectly.
Laura Mercier eye shadow powder in Smoky Grey

Then I use a fluffy brush to blend it out.  And that's it.  Wear a nude or pale pink lipstick and you'll look dramatically gorgeous.


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