Make-up videos or photos?

I know that a lot of people do videos on You Tube with make-up tutorials.  I'm wondering if people prefer videos to the photo instruction blogs like I've been doing.  Although I love television and movies, for some reason I don't like watching videos online.  I much prefer reading a written article or blog with photos.  If I see an interesting article and click on a link to it, then discover it's a video, I generally won't watch it.  I know I like reading words and looking at photos because if I want to study a photo, or re-read a sentence, I can.  With a video you can rewind, but how many times do you want to do that?  And now there are often commercials, which I HATE, and sometimes the whole buffering thing.  Not everyone is online via a T-1 connection that's super-fast.
Anyone want to give their feedback?


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