It's Fashion's Night Out! Shop, look, and enjoy!

Tonight is the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out.  It started in 2009 in New York as a way to get people out shopping during the recession.  It was such a success that it is now a yearly event, usually coinciding with the kick-off of New York's Fashion Week.  Stores have special promotions, give-aways, make-overs, and fashion shows, sometimes with live entertainment.  And it's not just for New York anymore.  It's spreading to all major cities, and some smaller cities as well.
If you're in Pittsburgh where I live right now, there will be events at both Ross Park Mall and Robinson Town Center, and at Saks downtown.  Most events start between 6 and 6:30.
If you hear of any other events that I didn't mention, or if you have questions about it, leave me a comment.  Have fun everyone!


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