Why beauty and fashion are just as important as politics, the law, and business

I have friends who have never worn make-up because they're just not comfortable putting it on.  They're afraid if they try anything more than mascara and lip gloss that they'll screw up and look terrible.  It puzzles me sometimes, because I've always had the attitude that if you try it and it looks bad, just take it off and do something different.  That's the fun of make-up!  It's like painting or coloring with crayons.  It probably does help that I've always been an artistic person.  But I'd like it if everyone had that confidence to PLAY with their make-up, and I hope my blogs about it help a few people to try some things.  It is amazing how much better some women look with make-up, and how much that builds their self-confidence.  If you doubt this, watch a few episodes of "What not to Wear".  On each episode a woman gets a new wardrobe, new hair style, and her make-up done.  The experts give guidance on the most flattering clothes, hair style and make-up for each individual.  I don't always like the clothes or hairstyles they suggest, but I do like seeing how much more confidence the women have after the makeover.  THAT is what fashion and beauty are about to me.  Many people think it's frivolous.  Sometimes I feel like it is, too.  But then I see one of these shows or I try on an outfit that looks fabulous on me, and then I feel like I can do anything.  That's when I remember, yes, this is what style and cosmetics and good hair does.
And that's probably why it's a multi-billion dollar industry that never dies, despite the economy.

Eyeshadows by MAC, mascara by L'Oreal


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