It's boot season!!!

The best thing about cool or cold weather is the need to wear more clothes and boots.  I LOVE boots.  I have many pairs and love them all, but like everyone, I have a few favorites.  At the top of my list are these charcoal grey and black high ones from BCBG Girls.  The black is patent leather and the grey is suede, making the two tones stand out even more.  And the last thing that makes them a favorite is that I got them on clearance at Marshall's.  I first saw them at Marshalls at the beginning of fall, but as much as I lusted after them, I couldn't rationalize buying them at that price.  So I watched & waited, and finally got them at half price.  Oh, that was a happy day!  So if you see something that you want but you can't afford it, just keep checking on it and waiting.  Little dreams come true every day!


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