Make up Forever's red eyeshadow creme

I wrote about this awhile ago - I did some instructions on applying it (July of this year in my post for Red White and Blue Beauty). If you're going to Sephora to look for it, be aware that it has  white creme on top of the red. So if you look at the container from the side, you'll see the reddish color, but if you look from the top, you'll see white.  I have no idea why that is that way, and honestly, I don't remember if mine was like that when I bought it or if it's changed over time.   (Obviously I don't follow the timeline about throwing out eyeshadow after a year or whatever time they recommend.)

If you're unsure if you have the correct one, just look at the bottom.  It's No. 001, which should be the same as the label on the display.  If you have any problems finding it, leave me a comment.  Here's some photos of what the packaging looks like.


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