What do you wear when lounging in bed?

Honestly, I spend more time at home than I do anywhere else.  And a lot of that time is laying on my bed using my laptop.  So I thought I'd do the reverse of most fashion bloggers.  Instead of showing the fabulous outfit that I'm wearing out to work or to the club, I decided to show what I'm wearing while I type.  Maybe not trendy, but definitely uber-comfy.  The socks in this picture are just fun to look at it.  The pants are super comfortable and cute, too.  Right now I'm on a Target kick when I want comfortable pajamas.  Their Gilligan O'Malley brand have some of the softest fabrics I've ever felt for pajamas.  And they're cute, too.  When I put them on I feel so comfortable it makes me relax almost immediately.  Add a plush, soft blanket and I'm good.


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