Sparkly silver eyes without the party look

Lots of women wear metallic silver shadow to evening events, and recently I wondered if I could use it for a day look without looking odd.  Of course, art and beauty are subjective, what looks bad to one person looks beautiful to another.  When I read other site's tutorials for "bright" eyeshadow, I'm usually left wondering where the bright color is. Obviously I'm not a very conservative person when it comes to style or color.  So, my idea of conservative eyeshadow may or may not be someone else's, but I came up with something that I liked.  And it's pretty simple and fast, too.
I started with eye primer, as usual.  Then for my silver I used MAC's Electra as my lid color.

For my crease color,  I used MAC's Meet the Fleet, a dark blueish gray.

Even though it looked dark in it's container, when I put it on it was much lighter than I expected, so I applied a few layers to build it to the darkness that I wanted.
MAC's Meet the Fleet powder
The last shadow was my highlighter under the arch of the brow, which I don't have a picture of.  I used a shimmery white shadow like I normally do (Stila's Moonlight).  Then I lined the upper lid with a dark grey.

Even with pencil liner, I still like to draw a line up and out from the edge of my eyes to give my eyes a visual lift.  This next photo is a little darker than the others, but that's just the overall photo itself.

When I use pencil for lining my eyes, I often like to smudge it with either a Q tip or a smudge brush

And last is mascara for top and bottom lashes.  Be sure to get the tiny little lashes in the corners and your bottom lashes.

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara for tiny lashes

I was pleased with this look - a nice metallic silver sparkle without looking like I was going to a New Year's Eve party.  The key was using the dark blueish gray in the crease to balance the sparkle.  I finished it off with a bright fuschia matte lipstick, Rebel from MAC, one of my all time favorites.  If I wanted to tone down the look more, however, I'd use a nice pinky-beige or a light berry lipstick instead of fuschia.

I forgot to get some pictures of just the finished eye, so I'll add those a little later.  For now, here's the look I got:


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