Spring colors for fall clothes

Just because you have to dress warmer now (if you're in the northern U.S.), doesn't mean that you can only wear colors typically associated with fall.  I wear whatever makes me feel good, look good, and makes my outfit complete.  On this day, since I had a fluorescent yellow top on, I wanted my coat to go with it.  This green coat with embroidering flowers looked perfect.  To give myself some added warmth, I grabbed one of my giant scarves that I can wrap 10 different ways.  And the pink scarf picked up some of the pink in the embroidered flowers on the coat.  And for the observant eye, the flowers on the coat pick up the flowers embroidered on the jeans.

 If you can find a large scarf like this, I highly recommend it (I got this one at TJ Maxx).
Shirt - INC, Macys
Green Jacket - Live a Little, Macys
Jeans - Steinmart
Necklace - my own, 405 creations


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