What's on my wish list for Santa?

Probably the same thing that a lot of other women and girls have on theirs.  That's why I'm sharing it with you.  Maybe it will give some of you shoppers some ideas (or it will give you a laugh).

1.  Gift cards from Sephora, a MAC store (or a Macys that has a MAC counter), Barnes and Noble, numerous clothing stores, like Bebe, Marshalls, Forever 21, H & M... oh, just get me a MALL gift card
2.  A year's worth of doctor's visit with the best cosmetic dermatologist in town.  Pre-paid, of course.  And one who does cosmetic surgery.
3.  membership to a nice gym
4.  a job that I'm good at and love doing, that pays well, too.
5.  a trustworthy, kind, intelligent, pro- commitment and loving man who adores me and wants to shower me with gifts
6.  a beautiful house to live in, with unlimited funds for decorating
7.  A nice car that gets good gas mileage, or even better, a "green" car that's in mint condition
8.  For my babies to be healthy and live forever
9.  An iPhone, an iPad and a Mac Book.

 These next ones might be a little different from other women.
10.  For my friend Felicia to be cancer free very soon
11.  For my friend Cheryl to wake up from her coma & talk to all of us again
12.  For my friend Summer to be well after her car accident & subsequent surgery
13.  For my loved ones to live forever, healthy, financially secure & happy
14. For everyone to know and live by the Serenity Prayer.



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