Visions for 2012

My IFB Blogging Vision Board for 2012

This is for the newest project for IFB - to create an inspirational board of what direction I want to take my blog in for 2012.  I'm always tearing out photos I like in magazines, and I love inspirational quotes, so putting the two together was interesting and fun.  I've read a lot about how inspirational visualization is, and I want to try it.  For this project I created it in an 8 x 11 size in case I want to print it out.  Now that I did this one, however, I want to get some poster board and create a larger one.  There are so many more photos that I want to put on!

Next, though, I think I'm going to create one for other areas of my life.  It's fun to do and I've read it works, so why not?  What type of vision board would inspire you in your life?


  1. Happy New Year!!! Love your board. Hope you have a wonderful and successful 2012!! :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. Thanks, Mint! I did it at night & when I looked at it today I wanted to replace the b & w photo. Oh well, I'll just do another one! :-)


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