Product review - the new L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

The newest mascara in L'Oreals' fabulous voluminous line is just called voluminous false lashes.  It's in a shiny gold case like the millionizing variety.  But the newest one has something extra going for it, aside from whatever changes they've made to their brush or formula - it has Gwen Stefani advertising it.  That was actually what prompted me to give it a try.  (what a pushover I am!)
side angle view of regular Voluminous mascara
So I put the original voluminous mascara on the lashes of one eye, and the new false lash on the other eye's lashes.  And I took several pictures to compare.  I put 2 coats on each side.  So... here is side one:
one coat of regular Voluminous mascara

Then I did the same thing with the other eye and the new false lashes mascara.  Here's how that turned out with the first coat:
I was surprised how different the two sides were.  The false lash mascara made a big difference

The False Lash eye

This was one coat.  I decided to put on one more to compare them again.  So here's the regular Voluminous mascara after 2 coats:

lashes with regular Voluminous mascara against white paper
And the Voluminous False Lashes after a 2nd coat:
Here's the brush for the Voluminous False Lashes - much smaller than the one for regular Voluminous

Two coats of voluminous false lashes against white paper
And finally a comparison of both eyes together.  I love my original Voluminous mascara, but I have to admit the new one makes my lashes much more noticeable.  I do think it clumps them together more, which I'm not crazy about since I don't like to have to comb them to separate them.  But I can't deny that it makes my lashes much more noticeable, so I'm a fan.  A thumbs up for this one!


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