Eyes like a model

I saw this photo in a magazine and loved the way she looked.  I've never put a thick line of shadow under my eyes, so I used this as inspiration to try it myself.  It was surprisingly quick to do.
List of products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Newly Minted shadow
MAC Tealo pencil liner
L'Oreal Voluminous false fiber mascara
MAC Full Fuschia lipstick

After the primer dried on my eyes, I put MAC's Newly Minted on my upper eye lids.

Next I lined my eyes top and bottom with Tealo pencil liner.
Then I used a flat brush to put the eye shadow over the liner on the bottom of my eyes.  I spread it down to be the same width as the one in the magazine.
This was the only shadow that I used.  Next I put mascara on upper and lower lashes, and put a little bit of black liner inside my lower eyelid (which I forgot to to take a photo of).

The last step was to put fuschia lipstick on.

I couldn't dye my hair brown, so this was as close as I could get to looking like the model.  Here's a close-up of the finished eye
And here's a few photos of the complete finished look.  I always thought that smudging so much make-up below my eye would make me look like I slept with my make-up on, so I was surprised that it looked so great.  It's a look that I'll be incorporating into my daily make-up looks.


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