False eyelash glam

False eyelashes are a lot of fun.  The ones that I'm wearing in these photos are just crazy cool.  Make Up For Ever has a good selection of crazy ones as well as every day ones.  Sephora has some of them in their stores, and even more online.  If you're not interested in the crazy kind, you can buy the every day ones just to enhance your own lashes.  If you've never tried them, I think you'll be surprised at how great they make you look.
If you've tried the individual lashes and didn't like them, give the full strip ones a try.  All you have to do is put the adhesive in a thin line on the edge of the lash strip, and press them onto your eye lid right above the lash line.  Hold them there for a few seconds so the adhesive dries to a tacky texture.  I find this type easier to put on than the individual ones, which seem to stick to everything but my eyelid, but maybe that's just me.
I put all of my eye make-up on first (including mascara) and if I need to, I do touch-ups afterwards.  Then you go out and watch everyone stare at your amazing eyes.


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