How to apply fuschia lipstick

I have ALWAYS loved fuschia lipstick, and I'm in luck now because this color is IN for summer.  So is tangerine, but that's another post.
There are some great fuschia lipsticks out there, but I am a MAC addict, and therefore all of my fuschia lipsticks are from MAC.  I have Girl About Town (love, love, love - my first one), Full Fuschia, and Show Orchid.  They have discontinued Full Fuschia and Show Orchid (I buy a lot of limited edition lipsticks).  But they have a new one now named "Lickable" - it's a beautiful fuschia.  And if you're brave and you want to go for a deep fuschia, try Up the Amp and Rebel.  Absolutely gorgeous dark pinkish-purple colors.
So, with a color as intense as fuschia, you may worry about getting it on your lips just right.  After all, if you can't draw a straight line, it is more noticeable with bright colors.  But of course there are helpers for that!  First of all, use a lip lining pencil.  For many of us it's easier to draw an outline on your lips with a pencil rather than a lipstick or even a lip brush.  For bright lip colors, I like to match the color of the liner to the color of my lipstick.  A great one for Fuschia lips is MAC's Beet.  I used Beet to draw the line around my bottom and top lips as shown below:

If you want to add a little more fullness or fix an uneven cupid's bow, but you're not comfortable doing it yourself, I'd suggest practicing at home several times, or going to a make-up counter and having them show you how once.  Having obviously drawn on lips looks worse than no lip color at all!
After you outline your lips, fill them in with the pencil.

Then you can add lipstick.  Another benefit of using a pencil is that it will hold the lipstick on your lips longer.  And even when your lipstick wears off, the pencil will still be underneath.

Now find a complimentary eye shadow and you're ready to go!
MAC's Show Orchid lip color
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