Make up colors for spring

There seem to be 2 big trends in colors for spring - pastels and brights.  It's great for people who only like a little color and those who like bold, bright colors.  And for people like me, who like it all, it's especially great.  I see a lot of people are searching for the best nude lipsticks from MAC and the best fuschia lipsticks from MAC.   Since MAC is the lipstick brand that I have the most of, I thought I'd write a post for those who may not be as familiar with the brand.
First off, although a lot of younger women love MAC, it's by no means a brand just for young women.  I think of MAC as a brand for those who like color and variety.  Walking into a MAC store is like a kid walking into a candy store.  There is so much to choose from!  If you're shopping at a MAC counter in a department store, it is a more limited selection.  And if you're shopping from MAC's web site, you've got everything to choose from.  That being said, I think the best way to shop is always from the store, even if there's less to choose from.  In the store you can see the true colors, and you can see what that color looks like on you.  I've tried shopping from their web site a few times, but the colors that I see on my laptop aren't the same as the actual product.  Since I own a lot of MAC, this means that sometimes I order a color that ends up being exactly the same color as one that I already have.  That brings me to another bit of information about MAC that's good to know - the different types of lipsticks and eye shadows that they have.  Since most of the searches seem to be about lipstick, I'll use that as an example.  If you want to try a bright color but you're a little hesitant about it, try a Lustre to begin with.  They're sheer so you'll get a little bit of color, and if you want more, you can build it by adding more.  It's also very moisturizing.  If you want a more opaque, bold color that is still moisturizing, try Amplified, Amplified Creme, or Cremesheen.  At the opposite end of the spectrum are the Matte types of lipstick, which are opaque, dry and not shiny.  There is also Frost, sparkly and opaque, Glaze, which is very sheer like Lustres.  Last there are Satin finishes.  I'm not sure how to define Satin finishes, except to say that it's similar to satin paint - shiny but not too shiny and not metallic.  The best thing to take away from this is to know there are different textures and finishes for MAC lipsticks and you should pick which ones meet your needs.

To answer the questions about the best fuschia and nude, I think it does depend on your skin color and undertone, and your preference.  My favorite fuschia is Girl About Town, and Lickable is nice, too.  Girl About Town is amplified so that means it's bright and very creamy.  As for nudes, there are so many good ones!  There are light colored nudes, beige nudes, pinkish nudes, darker nudes...  My favorite nude is Hue, which is a pinkish nude Glaze.  Another very popular one is Myth, a true beige nude.
Also, some colors that I think are great are Vegas Volt or Morange, which are bright oranges.  (I get tons of compliments when I wear orange.)  If those are too "out there" for you, though, there are plenty of shades with just a little orange in them.  I'm obsessed with Viva Glam - Nicki.  It's a very bright coral, so it's not for everyone, but I think it's stunning  Unfortunately it's sold out right now.  (Probably because tangerine is the Pantone color of the year.)   My advice is to go to a store and let your eyes do the choosing.  The hardest part is to only choose one!


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