More spring make-up colors - pastels

As I mentioned in my prior post, there are 2 big trends for spring in fashion and make-up.  I've already covered the bright lip colors, so I needed to talk about the other one.  Pastel make-up.  For eyes I'm honestly not a huge fan of simple pastels.  If I'm going to put a pastel on my eyes, it's either going to be a matte shadow in just one color with a brighter liner, or I combine several pastel colors.  I'll have examples of both coming up, or you can look at some of my older posts.
For some reason my copy and paste functions aren't working right now, but look in the archives for August 2011.  The first post is about pastels.  Then look at September 29, 2011's post on multi-colored eyeshadow looks.
For lips, though, I love pastels.  One option is a light pink matte lipstick, like MACs Pink Plaid, which matches some of the flat pastel nail shades that have been popular lately.  If you decide that you don't want to wear it matte one day, you can always add lip gloss.  I have several favorites that are MAC.  My absolute favorite is Morning Glory, a gorgeous sparkly light pink.  A few others are Florabundance, a peach-pink, and Cultured, a light pink.  Both are Lipglasses (MAC has so many types of lip glosses now that it helps to know the "type").  Or you can wear a lipstick with a little bit of sheen to it.  Angel and Snob are two very popular pinks by MAC that have a little sparkle. One last example with even more sparkle (in the Frost category), is Creme de la Femme.  Cover Girl has also several good nudes and pinks.  They used to make one named Rose Quartz that I loved.  It's been a few years since I bought it, though, so I'm not sure if they still make it.

I'll add some photos of these colors a little later.  So many things to do today!


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