My newest spring bling

I haven't made any new necklaces for awhile, but I finally got in a creative mood recently and designed this one.    Since it's spring, I thought a pale pink one would be perfect.  I imagine one of the women in the Louis Vuitton print ads wearing it in the ice cream parlor.  (I love those ads!)
What jewelry do you plan to wear this spring?  Anything new?  If you want to browse some of my sparkly jewelry, click the link to go to My Etsy store  The necklace below isn't priced yet, but if anyone is interested send me a convo through Etsy or leave me a comment and I'll figure out the price for you.


  1. Such a beautiful necklace:)

  2. Thank you, Emmy! I love making them. My last sale was to someone in Ireland for Christmas. That made me happy - I have an international business! :-)


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