Avant garde eyes in pink and blue

I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I've always been a very visual person, which is probably why I like Pinterest better than Facebook or Twitter. On Pinterest the subjects seem unlimited, and there are people all over the world uploading pictures.  Fashion and beauty are two of my favorites, of course.  when I do tutorials I normally stick to make up that I think people will actually wear, but some of the photos on Pinterest are so cool that I just have to try them out.  This was the case with the look in this post.  I didn't even take pictures at first because I was just playing.  But I decided to start photographing it in case someone else wanted to try something a little "out there".
This photo is my first finished eye

For this look, the products I used were...

Make Up For Ever Flash Color (pink) No.005
MAC Paintstick True Sky Blue (MAC Pro store only)
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner in Zero
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner in Woodstock
L'Oreal Voluminous false fiber mascara
MAC Amplified lipstick in Impassioned
MAC lip liner in Beet

I used a Laura Mercier creme brush to put on the pink and then the blue cream.

I used Urban Decay's pencil to line my upper and lower eyes with pink.  Then I curled my lashes and put mascara on.

I didn't think the pink liner defined my eyes enough, though, so I used Urban Decay's black pencil to rim my inner eye on the bottom.  I don't do this very often since I wear contacts, but since Urban Decay's pencil is waterproof I thought I'd try it. I love the way it looked and will be using it more often.

To finish I lined my lips with MAC's lip liner in Beet.  Then I put on MAC's Amplified lipstick.

If I had been going out with this look I would've done something with my hair to match the avant garde look of my eyes.  When you're doing such bright eye make-up, normally it's suggested that you use a nude color on your lips.  But if I'm going for an avant garde look, I go all the way.  :-)

With that being said, I really was going somewhere, but not somewhere that this look was appropriate for.  My next post will show how to make this kind of look a little more subtle so it looks okay for running errands.


  1. Wow, that's such a cool look!

  2. Thank you, Taryn! I had fun with it and I'll definitely be trying more.

  3. Great look! Love the bold colors =) So cool!
    You have such great talent!
    - Che



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