Beauty tips for hot humid days

aka "how not to have frizzy hair, lots of zits, and make-up melting off your face".  I'm not going to lie and say that I have miracle cures for these things that always work perfectly.  I think there are some days that are so miserably hot that oily skin is going to be oily about 5 minutes after you blot it off.  But on the better days, there are things you can do to stay looking and feeling somewhat fresh.  Here are my go-to's:

- limit your use of blow dryers and hot irons.  After I wash my hair I put in a little bit of Bumble and Bumble's defrizz gel, work it through the parts of my hair that tend to frizz, and then I let my hair dry itself.  Usually I pull it back as if it's going to be in a pony tail, but instead I twist it around and clip it up with a butterfly clip.  Or I braid the ends while it's wet, go to sleep, and take it out the next day.  Great-looking waves with minimal frizz.  Any frizz that is left once my hair is dry either gets Fekkai Glossing Cream on it or Bumble & Bumble's Shine spray or Brilliantine.

-Use blotting paper to absorb oil from your skin. These used to be hard to find, but now you can get them from most Beauty stores, as well as MAC, Avon, Mary Kay, or in a pinch, rip a piece off of the paper seat covers in bathrooms.  They'll blot away oil without taking your make up off.  After blotting you may want to dust a little pressed or loose powder on your face to keep your make up in place.

- Use waterproof formulas of mascara and eye liner on your lower eyes so they don't smudge and give you "raccoon eyes".

- You can wear minimal make-up but look very polished.  Red lipstick or a bright lipstick with mascara, blush and concealer (where necessary) is all you need.

- A quick look for your eyes that will last all day - MAC's Metal X cream to powder shadows.  Swipe it on with your fingers, add some gold or copper liner on your lower eye, and finish with mascara.  See below

- My best tip is to stay indoors in the air conditioning!


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  2. Thank you, Michelle! It's a wonderful compliment to hear that you enjoy reading it. I added you to my circle on Google + so that I can keep up with your posts, as well.


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